Production advantages

High quality manufacture

Natural strands

Fashionable designs

Materials & Manufacturing

We produce various types of socks made from high-quality raw materials to include socks made of cotton from 70% to 97%, cotton blended by 50%, synthetic threads, and natural threads such as viscose extracted from tree bark and bamboo extracted from the bamboo fruit. Polyester, polyamide and lycra as backing thread. Our products are also diversified to include men's socks, ankle socks, short socks, women's socks, boys 'and girls' socks, and children's socks

We pay great attention to details through continuous monitoring of production lines and the quality of each product, in addition to choosing colors and patterns so that our products have a professional design and modern style.

Saber certification

Shamina Socks Manufacturing Company holds a "SABER" certificate specialized in registering manufactured products according to Saudi and international quality standards and specifications.


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