United Arab Group

The United Arab Group is the leading name in the world of threads and weaving, which includes the “United Arab Company for Threads” and “Shamina Socks Company” headquartered in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Our group is distinguished by the expertise of manpower, in addition to advanced production lines that guarantee high quality in production and accurate delivery.

United Arab Company for Threads

We are distinguished by the production of high-quality polyester yarns that are used by major leading brands and manufacturers in the Gulf countries, the Levant, Mesopotamia and North African countries, where the United Arab yarns are used in many different industries and in a wide range of fabrics and high-quality materials.

Shamina Socks Company

Through “Shamina Company” we provide many types of socks such as ankle and short socks, boys girls’ and children’s socks, and men’s and women’s socks, with elegant designs and made of high-quality materials such as cotton, spandex, viscose and others.

Production lines

Loud noises, huge machines, deaf walls, far from the lights, the decor and the dazzling, two completely different worlds intertwining and connecting them, literally, one thread. Here in the “United Arab” factory in the industrial zone of Badr City, the journey of polyester yarn begins from before zero, as the polyester filament fabric that is supplied to most Arab countries and North African countries is manufactured.

United Arab Textile

United Arab products outside Egypt

Between the markets of the Middle East, North Africa and the Arab world

Vision & Mission

" Our vision is to be the world's leading industrial filament company providing the most outstanding innovation and creative solutions. "


Our success depends on our reputation, which is enabled by the trust of the people we interact with, the communities in which we operate, our employees and our shareholders.


For more than twenty years, we have developed a global footprint and an unrivaled talent base that connects with our stakeholders to give us unparalleled access to markets, apparel manufacturers and brand owners.


Commitment is at the core of our core business values, and we look forward to doing business at all times in an ethical manner that respects our environment, and provides comfort to our customers.


We always strive to create advanced products and services. We partner with clients across multiple industries to understand and address the challenges they face by providing innovative solutions.

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